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Wedding Photographs Checklist


This list is purely meant as a guide. Each wedding is totally different from the last.

No doubt there are many wedding moments you won't want to miss. To help us help you out, we have provided a list of commonly requested "must-take" wedding photography shots. Check off your essentials below, and add any of your own creative ones. But don't check off too many – you'll want us photographers to have some time for creative license.

 Of course, the style and number of these images will all depend on how long you've hired that pro for, but by providing us with a shot list of photos you'd love to have is a great way to cover your bases. You should count on at least five minutes per shot, it's unrealistic to expect all the photos below, but pick and choose those shots that mean most to you.

To select your photographs, please click here for the online form. And remember we welcome you sending us images you have seen so we have a good idea of the style you like and we will try and do similar poses!