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Select the PHOTO you want to order so it is the only photo on the page, then select the BUY button to bring up the options available for the photo you have selected. Some photos have restrictions on them, so not all options are available for every photo. There are over 400 items to choose from for your photos - prints in all sizes, canvas and large displays, keychains and puzzles, specialty posters and trading cards and much much more!

For those who ask ... we are very flattered you would like a copy of the photos we take of you at events; however please do not ask or expect them free of charge. Moments By Moser takes pride in our business and our work as professional event photographers. As in any business, there is equipment overhead, wages as well as our efforts and hard work to capture the moments for you. We do this for a living and therefore expect compensation for it, just as you expect to get paid for what you do. Our rates are affordable and individual photos are available for print orders or as digital downloads at very reasonable rates; as are copies of the entire event on a CD/DVD, but they are not FREE OF CHARGE. 

Please feel free to email me at if you have questions or concerns. Special requests will be addressed on an individual basis.



 If you have been given a private download password for the account you can follow the instructions below: (NOTE: This is not the same password as the VIEWING password for those accounts not visable to the public.)

Double click a photo in the album – depending on your browser – either select the triangle in lower right corner or move mouse over left top of photo and a slide out menu will appear with an option to select DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL …. you will be prompted to enter your private password for download.



A value shared by the staff of Moments By Moser is CITIZENSHIP and a loyalty to our community through giving back and paying forward. We are happy to provide professional photography event coverage for your charity event if we are available on the date of your event. We will also provide advance coverage via our website as well as after the event by creating metadata tags for webased search engines to find your event and the attendees. We also will donate back to the cause for any individual photos sold at the event.