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During our years of experience in the wedding & event industry, we have found that clients enjoy having information at their fingertips. For this reason, we have posted this "virtual meeting" where an interview with Moments by Moser Photography answers many of the most popular questions that clients have about their wedding or event photographer. Most clients can make their determination on using our services through this information and our portfolios.


Helpful questions & answers about Moments By Moser Photography

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

As written on our ABOUT US PAGE, I am an award-winning photographer with over 15 years of experience in Wedding, Corporate Event, Editorial and Commercial photography. I have many years of past experience as a Staff Photographer and currently a Photo Editor for a Nashville music industry magazine. In 2005 after the birth of my son, I opened hmy own photography company and over the years have captured images for some of the area's finest companies since opening my doors. 

How would you define your style?

I have a very laid back. comfortable and friendly style. I enjoy getting to know my clients and encourage them to talk to me while capturing the images. The more I know you, the better the images will be YOU! Events we want to capture all the details, so the more you can provide in advance in form of a timeline, expectations or use of the images after, the better we can serve you.

What does it cost for wedding or event services and do you have packages?

Our weddings and most events are a flat hourly rate of $150 hour. This allows you to customize and budget accordingly. We do not do packages, but instead you get everything we capture - from the posed portraits and family photographs, to the silly candids and intricate decor. Events we will customize to fit your needs and budget.

What are your print and album prices?

All our pricing is online and we use professional photography labs. We offer over 400 different items from traditional prints and canvas to large wall decor and memory books which can be customized.

Do clients receive digital files from their weddings?

Yes. All images are embedded with a photographer's release authorizing our permission to the client for unlimited and unrestricted usage and reproduction rights.  We deliver on a USB thumb drive to you or can share via Dropbox if you prefer.

How long do you keep images on file?

Forever, or as long as we are in business. We do not take them down.

What is the process for booking your services?

We prefer you to use our link to book with us. It not only gives us all the needed information, it also allows you to customize and control your images.

Click on the link to book a photography session, wedding or event we would love to work with you!


Do you accept all weddings and events?

No. Sometimes they are not a good fit for a variety of reasons. It is not often that we decline, but it happens once in awhile.

What do you like most about photographing weddings and events?

Every event and wedding is unique in the aspect of the location, those in attendance and expectations. We love meeting people and capturing each special moment that makes the memories for our clients. The variety keeps us fresh and always looking at each one with new focus.

Okay, what do you like least about photographing weddings or events?

In all honesty, there is nothing we despise. There are always unknown factors, whether it be the weather, the lighting, the attendance that can play havoc with best laid plans, so we learn to be very flexible and adjust accordingly.

Do you have favorite places/locations to shoot?

Not specifically. Tight small locations make it a challenge for us but really, we find each venue or location an opportunity to capture great images.

How many weddings or events do you normally shoot per year?

We stay busy! During peak season we may do three a weekend .. but we try and keep it where we can do a great job for everyone. Our work really is after we complete shooting the wedding or event and have to upload, edit, organize, deliver etc ..  the on site time with clients is the fun part of our job.

Talk to me about equipment.

We've always used high-quality photographic equipment and currently use Canon or Nikon brand bodies and lenses.

We also incorporate redundancy into our equipment plan. That means that we bring more than one "set" of equipment. We use several cameras for photographing a wedding or an event. This allows for higher efficiency and prevents shooting all the images through one camera.

Is it better for the bride & groom to do ALL their formals before the ceremony?

Each scenario is different. If the wedding is outdoors and in evening .. if it gets dark early, it can be a challenge to beat the sunset if we wait and do them after the ceremony. Each couple needs to explore their personal preferences.

Do you want all the family there for posed group photographs? (Will this be an issue for those travelling?)

Do you want to see each other prior to the ceremony?

Do you want others to see the bride before ? (It is inevitable that guests will arrive early)

Are photographs being taken at same location as Ceremony?

Will there be a hair and make-up person to do touch ups during / after photographs and before the ceremony?

The list of questions can go on and on .. again, each is a personal preference and each scenario is different.