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Celebrating Your Unstoppable Power!
With Debbie Phillips, Founder Women on Fire
The Women on Fire team
and Special Guests

Whether you’ve attend many retreats in the past, or if this is your first, this is your chance to set aside the baggage of your day-to-day routine – and JOIN US to get inspired, re-energized, re-connected to other phenomenal women, and supported in your dreams!

If you are looking for your spark, or you are simmering, or you are “on fire” about your life, this retreat is exactly what you need!

In one magical weekend, you will connect with like-hearted women, celebrate your life, and learn the latest secrets and strategies to step boldly into your dreams.

Hello, Fabulous Woman ~
Please join us on April 8-9, 2016 to meet other inspiring women for this magical weekend!
You will spend two action-packed and reflective days (with plenty of time for fun in the dynamic city of Nashville) surrounded by the uplifting energy of other women working to create their most fulfilling lives.
This is an interactive workshop that will help you to ignite your true desires and take powerful steps toward the life you truly want and deserve!
At this transformational event, you will have a safe space to celebrate your life and launch you into a new year toward your dreams, desires and wishes!
A sampling of what you can expect during the retreat

A keynote presentation by Debbie Phillips -- “Celebrating Your Unstoppable Power!”
You will learn:
  • A powerful, but little known strategy to build momentum toward achieving your dreams without losing your inspiration.
  • How to build a powerful, supportive community without being a “networker” or annoying.
  • How to keep your energy from flagging when the going gets tough.
  • How to increase your confidence and tame your fears.
  • 5 mistakes that could be keeping you stuck and struggling – and how to eliminate them.

  • And our other inspiring speakers will show you:
  • Tools and strategies to live your best life!
  • How they made their dreams come true and you can, too.
  • How to get support without having your dreams punctured by well-meaning friends and family.
  • Ways to remove obstacles – even when everything seems hopeless.
  • How to turn adversity to your advantage.
  • Strategies to unlock your creativity.

You will have interactive experiences to help you create a path and go for the dreams you choose.
(Be assured, you will never be called on or forced to speak if you don’t want to.)
Our guest speakers will be announced in the future. They will be experts in their field, highly accomplished, and they’ve successfully overcome life’s toughest obstacles. Their presentations will touch your heart, mind and soul.
This retreat is for you, if you…
  • Have attended in the past and are ready for the next leap forward in your one, amazing, phenomenal life!
  • Are going through one (or more) of life’s many transitions and need inspiration, strategies and support, confidence and courage to move forward fearlessly.
  • Feel successful and that you are on the path to your dreams, but you want and need to be recharged, refreshed and reinvigorated.
  • Love being in the energy and support of other great women!
  • Are excited about the possibilities your life holds and want practical strategies and support to take it to the next level.
  • Have been connected to Women on Fire for a while but have not yet been to a retreat.
  • Enjoy your Women on Fire monthly membership and want to experience the opportunity to meet other Women on Fire members in person.
  • Are worn out and worn down, and you need a break to reset and reorient your life toward what you want the most.
  • On paper, you appear to have it all, but things still just don’t feel right. There is emptiness where your joy should be.
  • Understand the value and benefit of spending time with other talented, inspiring women and you want the opportunity to share and celebrate your life and theirs.


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